Business Ethic Code of Conducts Guidelines

As a responsible and sustainable business entity, we strive to ensure that all our business arrangements are conducted in an ethical manner. This includes, but is not limited to, our arrangements with our customers, business partners, referral partners , employees and public.

  • 01

    Commitment to ethical business conduct.

  • Our Core Values include being honest, professional, and fair in our business dealings. We strive to instil this in our culture and expect it to be reflected in our business practises. This includes transactions and decisions made by our employees, representatives, or artificial intelligence.

  • 02

    Commitment to courtesy and respect.

  • We strive to conduct our business arrangements with our customers and business partners respectfully and expect our employees/representatives to be equally treated as such.

  • 03

    Commitment to prevent conflict of interest.

  • In all our arrangements, we strive to manage, mitigate, prevent or eliminate any situation that may give rise to actual or potential conflict of interest.

  • 04

    Commitment to transparency, clarity and suitability of products and services.

  • We strive to ensure that our customers are provided with clear, relevant, and current information on all our products and services so that they can make informed decisions regarding our products and services most suited to their needs.

  • 05

    Commitment to privacy.

  • We will do everything possible to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers', business partners', and employees' personal data.

  • 06

    Commitment to fair and effective handling of feedback or complaints relating to our business practices.

  • We will provide channels for feedback or complaints. We will take all feedback or complaints seriously and will strive to ensure that they are dealt with and addressed fairly and expeditiously.

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