Our Commitment To You

We acknowledge that the customer service we offer you is essential to meeting your needs and could have an effect on your capacity to succeed. We are dedicated to giving you the assistance required to fulfil these commitments in a quick and helpful manner.

Our Customer Service

In order to deliver a service you can count on, our department uses a standardised, cross-departmental approach to Investor Relation Office assistance.

Our Customer Service Principles

We give our customer service to you according to a set of guiding principles. In delivering this service, we promise to:

  • 01

    Be responsive: We'll answer your calls and emails as soon as possible. Within three working days, we strive to respond to all phone, email, and letter inquiries. When you need it, we'll give you accurate and current information.

  • 02

    Take responsibility: We will be honest and responsible, routinely assess our performance, and ask for input from our clients. We have created service offers with service level goals we are committed to reaching along with performance indicators to compare our performance to.

    Our service promises have been mirrored in our individual performance structure to further support this strategy and to maintain a constant focus on providing high-quality service.

  • 03

    Be consultative: We'll encourage a planned and well-coordinated approach to providing our service.

    Our goal is to customise our answer to meet your demands. Our goal is to connect you with other government resources and direct you to them based on your needs.

  • 04

    Continuous improvement: We will work to make sure that you receive the best possible service. To better help you, we will be creative in creating fresh, forward-thinking approaches to how we work with you or create new procedures.

  • 05

    Communicate: We will make sure that information about the service we give to you and how we provide it is readily available, and that information, resources, and services are available to everyone.

Our Staff

Our staff members are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind, and professional. As we provide this service to you, we will make sure that our staff:

  • 01

    provides quality service with courtesy and minimal delay;

  • 02

    is well supported and trained;

  • 03

    has the experience necessary to understand your issues;

  • 04

    is knowledgeable about current policy, procedures, and processes; and

  • 05

    is dedicated to understanding your needs as well as the larger departmental context and environment that we operate in in order to assist you;

  • 06

    treats you with dignity.

  • 07

    make sure that we safeguard any private information you could give us.

Customer Service Standards

Our goal is to offer a dependable and consistent service. The department as a whole is dedicated to:

  • 01

    delivering precise and beneficial information

  • 02

    returning calls and emails as quickly as feasible between 9:00am and 6:00pm during regular business hours.

  • 03

    We will gather your contact information, make sure that your inquiry or complaint is recognised within five business days, and strive to deliver a final response within 20 business days if we are unable to respond to your question right away or it is best handled by a different service area.

  • 04

    Some inquiries might be trickier to answer than others. If there is a delay in fulfilling our service commitment in certain circumstances, we will let you know.

How You Can Help Us

Recognising and acknowledging that providing customer service support is a collaborative effort, we appreciate your support in enabling us to offer you a high degree of service by:

  • 01

    acknowledging and understanding your responsibilities and accountabilities;

  • 02

    cooperating with us to solve problems;

  • 03

    having realistic expectations of the service offered; and

  • 04

    treating our staff with courtesy and respect.

  • 05

    supplying us with timely and accurate information that is necessary for us to provide support and advice.

Tell Us How We Are Doing

We appreciate your comments. It gives us knowledge that enables us to hone and enhance our service.

If We’ve Exceeded Your Expectations

Knowing what works well is crucial. You can help us reward the efforts of our staff members and ensure that best practises are replicated throughout the department by letting us know when you've experienced great customer service and what we did correctly.

If We Don't Live Up To Your Standards

We are dedicated to making sure that every complaint is taken seriously and resolved quickly, fairly, and in confidence. We kindly request that you notify us as soon as possible through our customer complaint method if the service does not live up to your expectations.

It is possible to voice complaints vocally or in writing.

To file any written complaints, use the online form or send an email to hello@tracolasia.com.

We will aim to resolve all complaints as soon as possible, however depending upon the nature of the complaint response times may vary. All complaints will be handled in a confidential manner and you will be provided with updates during the investigation of your complaint.