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Intellectual Property

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You are specifically prohibited from doing everything, including but not limited to the following:

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    posting any content from this website in any form of media;

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    reselling, subleasing, or otherwise commercialising any content from this website;etur a erat nam at lectus urna duis convallis convallis.

  • 03

    displaying or performing any content from our website in public;

  • 04

    making use of this website in any way that, in our opinion, endangers it;

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    making use of this website in any way that, in our judgement, interferes with another user's ability to get to or use it;

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    using this website in a way that is prohibited by applicable laws, rules, and regulations, or in a way that could harm this website, another person or business entity, including us or any of the TRACOL Group's companies;

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    interfering with or intercepting our electronic information posted or displayed on this website or on any of our servers;

  • 08

    evading any security measures on this website; and

  • 09

    engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extraction, or any other form of data gathering.

  • 10

    Using this website for commercial or advertising purposes.

You are not permitted to access some portions of this website, and we reserve the right to further restrict your access to any areas of this website at any time, at our sole discretion, without prior notice.

Your Content

"Your Content" refers to all works and materials (including without limitation text, graphics, images, audio, video, audio-visual, scripts, software, and files) that you submit to us or this website for storage, publication, or display on, processing by, or transmission via, this website.

In accordance with company policy, TRACOL Group will only accept or take into account ideas, recommendations, or materials that it has directly asked or sought from you. Therefore, unless otherwise requested by us, we do not wish you to communicate any confidential or proprietary information to us over this website. Please be aware that we will not be regarded to treat any unsolicited information or materials as confidential or proprietary.

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To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby renounce all moral rights in Your Content, and you guarantee and represent that all other moral rights in Your Content have also been waived to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

As further stated above, TRACOL Group does not want to receive any information or materials that are threatening, obscene, harassing, in violation of any law, governmental requirements, or otherwise unlawful. By using this website, you are deemed to covenant and agree not to provide any such information or materials to us.

Your Content must be original to you. Without the owner's express written consent, you may not upload, post, display, or otherwise make available on this website any information or materials that are copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected by proprietary rights. Without giving you prior notice, we retain the right to delete any of Your Content from this website at any time and for any reason (including any violation of the rights of any third party).

Any injury caused by a submission that violates someone else's copyright, property rights, or causes any other kind of harm is totally your responsibility.

You guarantee and indicate that all of these terms and conditions will be met by Your Content.

The following, among others, are prohibited from Your Content and our use of Your Content in compliance with these Terms and Conditions:

  • 01

    be knowingly untrue or libellous;

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    be offensive or indecent;

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    be illegal or criminal or violate any administrative rule or directive;

  • 04

    violate or infringe against the legal and moral rights of any person, including without limitation, copyright, trademark, industrial design, patent, database, passing off, or other intellectual property rights;

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    violate any confidentiality or privacy rights or other rights under the Personal Data Protection Act of 2010 (including any statutory amendments or re-enactments made thereunder and any applicable regulations, guidelines, and orders made thereunder) (collectively, "PDPA");

  • 06

    include any form of advertisement or solicitation for any goods or services;

  • 07

    be able to result in legal action being taken against any person (in each circumstance, under any applicable law and in any jurisdiction);

  • 08

    constitute negligent advise or contain any negligent statement;

  • 09

    comprise an inducement, attempt, abetment, or conspiracy to commit a crime, instructions for the commission of a crime, or promotion of criminal conduct;

  • 10

    violate court orders or judgements;

  • 11

    violate laws against discrimination based on race, religion, or other characteristics;

  • 12

    be blasphemous;

  • 13

    violate laws governing government secrets;

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    violate any contractual obligations owed to someone or create any liabilities;

  • 15

    show violence in an overt, gratuitous, or blatant way;

  • 16

    be sexually explicit, pornographic, lewd, provocative, or obscene;

  • 17

    be libellous, obscene, vulgar, profane, or otherwise unpleasant;

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    be untrue, false, inaccurate, or misleading, or fake news;

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    consist of or contain any instructions, advice, or other information that may be followed and, if followed, could result in illness, injury, death, or any other loss or harm;

  • 20

    be spam or a cyberattack;

  • 21

    be insulting, misleading, fraudulent, abusive, harassing, antisocial, menacing, hateful, or provocative or inspire hatred;

  • 22

    violate internal security or anti-terrorism laws;

  • 23

    irritate, inconvenience, or unnecessarily worry any individual; or be interpreted by the individual as harassment, mental or emotional abuse, or amount to cyberbullying.

Privacy and Security

We are dedicated to protecting your online privacy and we respect your right to privacy. We are aware of how crucial privacy is to both our clients and site visitors. Our Personal Data Protection Notice, which is available on this website, governs the collection, use, and disclosure of any personally identifiable information we may collect, process, or disclose. You accept to be governed by the terms of the aforementioned Personal Data Protection Notice by evaluating and using this website.

Although we have put security measures in place to guard against unauthorised access, alteration, or interception of this website, you acknowledge and agree that there is no 100% guarantee of security when providing your personally identifiable information to this website. We shall not be held liable for any unauthorised access, alteration, or interceptions or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including loss of profits or goodwill) or indirect, exemplary, or punitive damages incurred by our customers or users of this website in the unlikely event or unforeseeable circumstances of such unauthorised access, alteration, or interceptions, despite our security efforts. Therefore, we make no warranties—express or implied—that any customer or user's information will be secure from unauthorised access, alteration, or interception.

No confidential relationship will be created if any user of this website contacts us orally, in writing, or electronically with any information (such as feedback, questions, comments, recommendations, ideas, etc.) unless it is specifically mentioned and agreed upon in advance by us. All other communications and information submitted to us shall be deemed non-confidential, and we shall be free to reproduce, publish, disclose, or otherwise use such information for any purpose, excluding information that can identify an individual and is defined as "personal data" under the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and whose collection, processing, disclosure, and retention is governed by our Personal Data Protection Notice. Any person who sends information to us is entirely responsible for it, including any truthfulness, accuracy, and any non-violation of the privacy or proprietary rights of any third party.


You are required to fully defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless from and against any and all demands, actions, proceedings, demands, claims, damages, costs (including our solicitors' and solicitors' fees on a solicitor-client basis), demands, and claims made by or brought against us due to your access and use of this website and/or any violation by you of these Terms and Conditions relating thereto.

Third Party Content

Any views, advice, statements, offers, commercials, promotions, coupons, or other materials submitted by visitors to this website are their own and do not represent those of TRACOL Group.

Event of Default

In the event that you violate any of these Terms and Conditions or fail to perform or observe any of them in any way, in addition to any other rights we may have under these Terms and Conditions, we shall have the following rights:

  • 01

    to issue you a formal warning or warnings;

  • 02

    to remove, amend, unpublish, or delete all of Your Content;

  • 03

    deny you access to this website permanently;

  • 04

    prevent computers using your IP address from accessing it;

  • 05

    block computers using your IP address from accessing this website;

  • 06

    get in touch with any or all of your internet service providers and ask them to deny you access to this website;

  • 07

    to file complaints with the appropriate authority that has the authority and control over monitoring and looking into reports or complaints on communication and multimedia issues, including internet contents; or

  • 08

    to start legal action against you, whether for contract violation or another reason.

You must not take any action to get around a suspension, prohibition, or blockage we may impose on your access to this website or a portion of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, using a different device or IP address to access this website.


You must send us all notices in writing, in the English language, to the addresses shown on this website. At the email address or postal address you give us, we may give you notification.

A recipient shall be regarded to have received notice when:

  • 01

    concurrently with the transmission of the email, if it is sent to the recipient's email address; or

  • 02

    tfive (5) working days following the date of the letter's posting if it is sent through regular mail or registered mail to the recipient's address; or

  • 03

    if it is delivered personally to the recipient's address, concurrently with the recipient's delivery and acknowledgement of receipt; or

  • 04

    if it is delivered personally to the recipient's address, concurrently with the recipient's delivery and acknowledgement of receipt; or


In our sole discretion, we retain the right to amend, vary, modify, add, remove, and update these Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice to you, as well as to correct any errors or omissions in any part of this website. Despite the foregoing, we are not obligated to update this website.

Every time you visit this website, you should examine these Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are aware of the most recent rules regulating access to and use of this website at that time.

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Waiver or Indulgence

We shall be permitted to exercise our rights under these Terms and Conditions and to require strict observance of the other of these Terms and Conditions herein by you notwithstanding any knowledge, acquiescence, or indulgence by us of any breach of any of these Terms and Conditions herein contained or of any of them, and notwithstanding such knowledge, acquiescence, or indulgence.

Entire Agreement

All prior agreements and understandings between you and us with regard to the same (if any) are superseded by these Terms and Conditions, our Personal Data Protection Notice and Disclaimer, and any other legal notices (if any) published on this website. They together constitute the entire agreement between you and us regarding your access to and use of this website.


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You hereby acknowledge and agree that we may, without your knowledge or agreement, novate, assign, transfer, convey, subcontract, or otherwise deal with our rights, titles, interests, benefits, duties, and/or liabilities under these Terms and Conditions.

You are not, however, allowed to novate, assign, transfer, transmit, subcontract, or otherwise deal with any of your rights, titles, interests, benefits, duties, or liabilities under these Terms and Conditions without our prior written agreement.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

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International Users

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