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Opt for customized nutritional assistance with our VIP Dietitian service and stack the odds of success in your favour!

Improved health

Healthy weight

More energy

Better quality of life

Regardless of your goals, changing your food habits requires constant efforts and it often gives rise to doubts and questions. So why not let a registered dietitian assist you? You’ll receive valuable advice to develop a healthy lifestyle, as well as answers to your questions from a Registered Dietitian. A customized follow-up is also provided.

The entire service is provided via telephone and the Internet.


Get consultations via telephone or Internet, at your convenience

Our personal trainers can help you meet your fitness goals. They can become your teacher, your motivator, your coach and your friend. Our personal trainers are degreed and certified by an accredited fitness organization.

  • imgEFFECTIVENESS: Excellent service, as if you were with your dietitian in person!
  • imgCONVENIENCE: Consultations at the time of day that suits you best
  • imgCOMFORT & PRIVACY: Consultations within the comfort of your home
  • imgTIME SAVINGS: No need to travel to/from your appointment
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What does this service include?

Our exclusive 3-month package provides you with everything needed to reach your goals:

  • imgUnlimited access to our Tracol Connect service: weekly meal plans, delicious recipes, personalised grocery lists and more
  • imgOne initial one-on-one consultation with your registered dietitian (1 h duration*) to assess your needs and create a personalised program to reach your goals
  • imgTwo follow-up one-on-one consultations with your registered dietitian (30 min duration*) to review progress and make adjustments if needed
  • imgEmail support from your registered dietitian throughout the 3 months
  • imgReceipt for insurance

Cost of the package: As low as RM 499 for 1 month package. First 25 customer every month will enjoy RM 999 for 3 months Package. Don't missed this chance, its time for you to get healthy for your love one. Contact us Now!!!

* Eventual overtime billed at 30 per 20 min.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3-month package described above costs RM1299. At any point during the program, if you want more consultation time, simply ask your Dietitian. The overtime will be billed 30 for every 20 min.

Sure. You can purchase one or more single consultations, at a cost of 50 for every 30 min.

You can postpone your appointment by contacting us no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you do not show up for your appointment, a penalty of 30 will be applied.

If you are not completely satisfied with the VIP Personal Dietitian service, contact us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you, unless we have already received the medical questionnaire from you.